For George Michael fans

A month has passed since George died. I was upset when I first heard it. It was a very painful day for me to watch his video, listen to his songs and read the news.

I was fascinated by him at WHAM! days. The first song I heard is "Wham Rap". I’d bought all of their albums, but I was not such a big fan at that time.

I became a big fan after his solo debut. I felt the album "Faith" as the best masterpiece. I played it over and over again. And when I heard the news that he would come to Japan on Faith tour, I bought a concert ticket.

On a TV program, I found a gift plan for the back stage pass of the concert. I applied it. Fortunately I got the pass. Though it was just a moment, I was able to see him before the concert. I do not remember what I said at that time at all. But I still remember his big hand that shook my hand and his lovely smile.

George grabbed my heart deeply. Since then, I went all the concerts in Japan. Of course I bought all CDs, DVDs, goods related to him.

However, there are sad matters. His popularity in Japan had declined recently. Sales of CD also declined. Perhaps his image has turned worse, because of the incidents that he has caused.

Still I’ve kept being George's fan. Though neither the 25LIVE tour nor the Symphonica tour was held in Japan, I went to Europe to see his concerts.

I went to the 25LIVE tour, twice in Munich and twice in London. I went to the Symphonica tour in Cologne and Mannheim and twice in London.

I met lots of George fans on those tours. Some people hug me when I said "I came from Japan." I was convinced of his popularity in Europe. If George 's tour was held again, I would definitely go to Europe again. I would like to meet my friends I knew through SNS as George fans.

But my hope did not come true. George has died. It is too early to die. I could have had more George's songs. It is a pity.

A month has passed, my mind settles down a little. Reports in Japan say about him only "ex-WHAM! member" and "The person sang Last Christmas", and there is no article which covers his recent activities. There is no magazine putting him on the cover page. His presence is entirely different between Japan and Europe. I wish I could live in Europe.

Though I do not know if that will be feasible, there is a site to hold a tribute concert on George's birthday. Once that is realized, I am going to go. I will also go to George's house.

Tribute Concert for George Michael 25th of June 2017 in London

You may ask the reason why I wrote this article in English. I want to tell my thankfulness to all his fans I met in Europe. And I want to share the photos and videos of the tour I took.

George Michael in Köln 07/09/2011
George Michael in Mannheim 08/09/2011
George Michael at Earls Court 13/10/2012
George Michael at Earls Court 14/10/2012

“Star People” at Earls Court 13/10/2012(YouTube)

Thank you, George. You are living in our mind evermore. Please sleep peacefully.




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